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Ben Nye Professional Casualty Simulation Kit


Ben Nye Casualty Simulation Kit
SKU: 02/MK1
UPC: 784779990006




Ben Nye Casualty Simulation Kit for Emergency Reenactment has everything for the professional to create your Emergency trauma simulation over and over. The Moulage casualty training kit for Emergency Reenactment was years in the making and advice assisted by Professionals from the Government, Fire Fighter, Forensic and Emergency response teams. There is over $555.00 worth of product in this kit is bought separately. You are SAVING $100.00. Moulage Training Kit contents are listed below. Most items can also be ordered separately.


  • Contents:
  • L1 Foundation .5oz
  • Y3 Foundation .5oz
  • P8 Foundation .5oz
  • P1 Foundation
  • GE11 Wound and Burn Kit 3 2oz bottles
  • TB2 Thick Blood 6oz
  • SBP1 Simulated Blood Powder
  • CM1 Charcoal Powder 4.5oz
  • NW3 Nose scar wax Fair 8oz
  • SB7 Stage Blood 32oz
  • LL3 Liquid Latex 8oz
  • RR8 Remove It All 8oz
  • ES82 Royal Purple Eye Shadow
  • CDS1 Soleil Red Pressed Color
  • EW7 Trauma Wheel 1oz
  • EW4 Master Bruise Wheel
  • CK5 FX Bruise Wheel
  • EF21 Cyanosis Grey Foundation
  • MDW Master Disaster Wheel 1oz
  • TP5 Neutral Set Powder
  • SB4 Stage Blood 2oz
  • GL2 Glycerin 2oz
  • FY0 Final Seal
  • SG2 Spirit Gum
  • ME5 Cotton Swabs 100 pack
  • LF1 Synthetic Sponge
  • NS1 Nylon Sponge
  • FB7 Flat Brush
  • FB10 Flat Brush
  • VP1 Powder Puff
  • ME2 Small Bullet Hole
  • ME6 1" Exit Wound
  • ME81 4" Laceration
  • ME9 Jagged Cut
  • MT1 Modeling Tool
  • ME13 Utility Scissors
  • ME15 Tongue Depressors
  • RB11 Short Brush
  • SSA Spritzer Bottle
  • EMG Trauma Guide With Contents List


Ben Nye Casualty Simulation Kit


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's Review  

April 01, 2011

This kit was great we used for our Every 1 minutes simulation-

Jada's Review  

October 05, 2016

Love to buy it