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Ben Nye Basic Casualty Simulation Kit


Ben Nye Basic Casualty Simulation Kit
SKU: 02/MK3
UPC: 784779990020




The Ben Nye Basic Casualty Simulation Moulage Kit is the perfect starter kit for those small emergency reenactments. Our Basic Casualty Simulation Moulage Kit is designed to help with casualty simulation exercises and have the basic tools to make your casualty simulation come to reality. There is over $200.00 worth of product in this kit if bought separately. You are SAVING almost $60.00. Kit contents are listed below.


  • Creme Makeup:
  • 02/EW4 Master Bruise Wheel 6 Colors 1 oz.
  • 02/CK5 Creme F/X Burns & Blister Wheel .5 oz
  • 02/EF31 Cyanotic Blue Foundation .5 oz
  • Simulated Bloods:
  • 02/SB4 Stage Blood 2 oz.
  • 02/GB1 Gelatin Blood Capsules (10 Pack)
  • 02/TB1 Thick Blood
  • Moulage Essentials:
  • 02/NW2 Nose Wax - Fair 2 oz.
  • 02/BS2 Simulated Bone Wax 2 oz.
  • 02/LL1 Liquid Latex 1 oz.
  • 02/MP5 Charcoal Character Powder .75 oz.
  • 02/MP4 Plains Dust Powder .75 oz.
  • 02/MP2 Neutral Set Powder .9 oz.
  • 02/ME80 2" Laceration Prosthetic
  • Adhesives & Removers:
  • 02/SG1 Spirit Gum Adhesive .25 oz.
  • 02/GR2 Spirit Gum Remover 1 oz.
  • 02/QR3 Quick Cleanse Makeup Remover 2 oz.
  • Professional Tools:
  • 02/EMG Trauma Simulation Guide
  • 02/FB5 No. 5 Flat Brushes
  • 02/LF1 Synthetic Sponge - Single Lot
  • 02/NS1 Nylon Stipple Sponge - Single Lot
  • 02/VP1 Velour Powder Puff - Single Lot
  • 02/MT1 Modeling Tool, Wood
  • 02/ME5 Cotton Swabs Applicator 100/Bag
  • 02/PE50 Moulage Kit Case


Ben Nye Basic Casualty Simulation Kit


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Carrie's Review  

September 19, 2013

This kit really has it all. GREAT starter kit from which to build a larger moulage setup. It's really hard to know what you need when you're first starting out and this kit fits the bill. Excellent to set up moulage scenarios in EMS.

Janna's Review  

September 29, 2014

I really wish this kit came with liquid latex instead of spirit gum because I'm allergic. It would be nice if I had the option of switching out spirit gum with the adhesive that I personally prefer

Chf's Review  

January 01, 2015

Janet's Review  

January 18, 2015

This is a great kit! I've used it a few times now and it has a little bit of everything. Its perfect for a budding special FX makeup artist or a professional who just needs a new kit to work with! Its cheaper to buy the kit then it is to buy every item separately, so that makes the deal even better. This is also the best price you will find on the web.

Mr BEananan123's Review  

March 04, 2015

best set's Review  

March 04, 2015

This is amazing it is good's Review  

March 04, 2015

Great's Review  

March 04, 2015

a's Review  

March 04, 2015

Ty's Review  

March 06, 2015

one of the best beginner products that there is it comes with allitle bit of every thing

Cody's Review  

October 29, 2015

Very nice made Manny tests. Everything was inside no damage. Super pleased.

Stevie's Review  

September 08, 2016

If only it came with more with the same coast